Why should I join the industry association?

As a training organisation, we’re a proud member of our industry association – the Specialised Cleaning and Restoration Industry Association (SCRIA).

SCRIA (formerly NUCCRA) is a not-for-profit association. They are the national trade association for the specialised cleaning and restoration industries, which means they are linked in with a number of different government departments and associations. Their aim is to professionalise the industry and their purpose is to promote the interests of their members. In other words, they exist because for you.

 Why is Jena Dyco so active in SCRIA?


  1. As a training organisation we’re all about knowledge, and knowledge goes hand-in-hand with professionalism, dedication to growth, and success. We strongly believe that
    it is important for an industry to have a strong association to work as a voice for all of the people who make their livelihoods from that industry.
  2. SCRIA is made up of a broad range of companies within the association who specialise in a wide range of services, including carpet cleaners, restorers, equipment suppliers, training providers, and associated industry groups. This means it’s the perfect forum to get a good overview of what’s going on in the industry, from all different perspectives.
  3. As a private company it can be difficult to get your voice heard by government bodies, the media and other larger associations. As an industry association, SCRIA is well placed to pursue your interests with these groups and get your interests and concerns into the public sphere.
  4. Don’t you hate it when you try to explain problems you’re having at work with your friends and they just don’t get it? SCRIA regularly runs networking events, allowing you to get together with people from your industry who want to discuss the same problems that you face in your work. These great networking opportunities also allow you to discuss and explore best practice, and keep up to date with emerging technologies.
  5. There’s no better referral source than people than our mates. SCRIA brings together a range of contacts & professionals who offer different services, many of which you may use in the future. These contacts with other members and various working groups around the country can potentially lead to referral sources and joint ventures.

 What should you expect to get out of the association?

We get asked this question a lot – not only about joining associations, but also when people ask us about training. We’re always surprised at how often we get asked this question when the answer to us seems so obvious.img_3078

You will only get out as much as you put in. It’s as simple as that. If you put in more, you will get more back. If you put in less, you probably won’t get very much back at all. Once you’ve purchased your registration, make the effort to attend the meetings, get involved in discussions, meet other members and have your say. Try to dedicate 2-3 hours per month to getting the most out of our industry association, and we guarantee that you will start to feel the benefits.

We believe it is important to support the industry that we work in. We hope that our investment (both in terms of memberships and time) will help to make the industry more professional and prosperous.  So if you’re worried about not knowing anyone at the SCRIA meetings or events, don’t worry – Jena Dyco will be there and we always love chatting to you ;)

If you’re after more information about SCRIA call 1800 621 872, get in touch with them via Facebook or check out their website.