Why should I get carpet cleaning training when no one ever asks me if I have been trained?

At Jena Dyco we speak to carpet cleaning business owners day in and day out. Most of the people we speak to contact us because they want to grow their carpet cleaning business and understanding that by gaining specialised industry training they will have skills to perform higher quality work for their customers and charge for this accordingly.

We do however, from time to time get a phone call from a carpet cleaning business owner who says “Why should I get training when no customers has ever asked me if I was trained?” I have a few simple reasons why this argument has no relevance to whether or not a business should get specialised carpet cleaning training:

1. Customers don’t have any knowledge about carpet cleaning or the different between the service that different carpet cleaning businesses offer. All they know is that:

  • their carpet looks clean OR not
  • the person who cleaned it seemed professional OR not
  • they would call the carpet cleaning business back again OR not
  • they feel they received value for money OR not

Gaining carpet cleaning training and qualifications give you the skills and knowledge to ensure you tick the boxes on every job so the customers will always come back to you if they want their carpets cleaned.

2. When customers call you to get their carpet cleaned all they know to ask about is “how much”. It is up to you to talk about to turn the conversation around and make them understand that your service is superior and they could not even consider going anywhere else. Training is a marketing tool you can use to sell your professional services.

3. When you are out cleaning carpets for your customers you don’t want to be in a situation where something goes wrong or a customer asks you a questions and you can’t explain why or how this has occurred. Training gives you the background understanding so that you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Felix’s famous saying is “If you can’t explain it to yourself, how can you explain it to a customer?” You leave training with the confidence to explain the science that occurs through the carpet cleaning process as well as helping you to provide a higher quality of carpet cleaning service.

I hope you have found this blog useful. Please visit out website and look at the courses on offer. You can then see how you can build your carpet cleaning business through specialised training.