What services could you offer to pet lovers?

They may make great company but furry and feathered friends also make a great deal of mess, a lot of which even the most dedicated of pet owners are unable (or unwilling!) to clean up.

Whether it’s dog lovers, crazy cat ladies or bird-enthusiasts, pet owners make great customers for cleaners offering specialised services. Establish yourself as the pet-loving cleaning and restoration expert so that people can always call you to deal with their home maintenance issues, everytime.

Pet owners generally have specific issues that are an ongoing problem. If you want to target pet owners, you need to make sure that you focus your skill-set and your services around their requirements.

Stain Removal

‘I have a couple of urine stains that I need someone to take a look at…’

‘I have a couple of urine stains that I need someone to take a look at…’

This one’s a no-brainer. Pets, just like children, have a tendency to make stains wherever they are. New puppies or kittens as well as senior pets in the house are the main culprits of toilet problems. The result is frequent accidents on various parts of the carpet and flooring throughout the house leaving nasty stains and that distinct odour. And if the stain wasn’t bad enough, pets are repeat offenders; if the bacteria of the stain is not properly removed they will continue to smell the bacteria and return to the scene of the crime time and time again. A thorough understanding of pet urine and the mechanics of stain removal will enable you to get rid of the stain and the smell – think how happy Mrs Smith will be when Pooch stops piddling in her spare room!

Odour Control

As we mentioned before, when it comes to wee pets will always return to the scene of the crime. Why? The territorial nature of pets means that they will continue to return to the same spot, intensifying the issue of the initial stain.

There are 3 key issues when you deal with stains:

  1. The visual aspect;
  2. The bacteria; and
  3. The resulting odour. dog

The visual aspect is superficial and, provided you understand how to deal with it, will not cause a problem. It is the bacteria and  the resulting odour that are the problematic issues when it comes to pet stains.  Urine on carpet will travel through the carpet fibre and right down to the subfloor; just treating the visible stain isn’t enough to treat the problem. Similarly, using a deodorising agent on the stain will only mask the odour. Animals have a heightened sense of smell, and will continue to detect the odour even if humans can only smell the deodorant. The only way to get rid of the stain completely and stop Fido from returning to the scene of the scene is to identify and treat the source of the odour.

 Carpet Repair


Just like a kid will ignore a $300 toy so that they can play with the box it came in, a cat will always choose to test its claws out on the carpet rather than the scratching post sitting right next to them. Cats will claw and pull at carpets causing loops and pulls, and goodness forbid that a thread of the carpet should come loose – you will rapidly see the carpet dissappear a Fluffly plays with it as if it were a ball of twine! Although not as bad, dogs can also cause pulls in carpets if their claws are left to grow too long. Offering carpet repair services to pet owners will allow you to offer them a quick and cheap add-on service that can help keep their carpets looking great.

 Want to develop your skills set to target pet owners?

Check out Jena Dyco’s Advanced Stain Removal, Odour Control and Carpet Repair courses or brush up on your stain removal skills on-the-go with the Stain Removal Video Series.