Price Shoppers – Do you love them or hate them?

The biggest frustration we hear from business owners in our industry is their frustration with ‘PRICE SHOPPERS’. So, which camp do you sit it? Do you love them or hate them?

Everything in business is a matter of perception.

How can you learn to love price shoppers?

I see price shoppers as customers who simply have no idea about the services that you offer. They have no idea that in this industry there are people who offer high quality services, people who offer services which could almost be considered to be criminal and all sorts in between. People ask ‘How much?’ because they don’t know what else to ask. They think that companies can be compared on price. Depending on their background and experience they will choose a price point which they are most comfortable with, not knowing what potential issues will occur.

So what can you do about price shoppers? Whether we like them or not, we pay for each lead that comes into our business, so how can we make the most of them?

  1. When they ask “How much?” don’t respond with a price. Say – “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions before I can give you an accurate price for your job?”
  2. Ask them questions about their situation. For example, “Why have you decided to get your carpet cleaned?” Or “Is there anyone with asthma or allergies living in the property?”
  3. Try to build a rapport and relationship with the customer so that they start to trust that you are looking after them
  4. Create a script for dealing with incoming inquiries.
  5. Ask each customer how they found out about you and record this information? Do you find that the leads who you are struggling to convert have all come from one particular source?
  6. Look at where you are marketing your business and think about whether you are attracting the right sort of customers