Linoleum vs Vinyl

Let’s start with a question:

Can we treat linoleum the same way as vinyl?

The answer? NO.

img_3900I hear of it too often: technicians treating linoleum the same way they would treat vinyl. This is a huge mistake which can result in huge costs and damages to the floor.

Everybody knows about vinyl. It’s a manmade product that’s gaining more and more traction in the hard floor industry. Its resilient nature means that it’s easy for trained technicians to offer quality maintenance plans, and with the growing popularity of  vinyl floors more and more technicians are taking up this option.

By contrast, Linoleum is a 100% natural product. It is sensitive to high alkaline cleaners, which can affect the colour. The use of hot water can crack the linoleum and cause it to become brittle. So when you start treating linoleum the same way you treat vinyl…well, that’s the scary part.

The only way to get around mistaking linoleum for vinyl is to understand how to correctly identify both floor types. Not sure how to identify linoleum? Well, then I guess it’s time for you to come to the IICRC Hard Floor Care course!