Infographic: Coming Clean about Carpet

Do you understand your customers’ buying trends?

What makes them pick up the phone to get their carpets cleaned?

Why will people call you over your competitors?

cleanfax-infographic1The truth of it is that many of us who are in business in the carpet (and specialised) cleaning game don’t know the answers to these questions. Although understanding this information could make a huge difference to our bottom line in terms of how we market ourselves, we just don’t have the time to find the information ourselves.

Thankfully, Cleanfax magazine has made it easier for carpet cleaners to understand this information about their customers by releasing a new infographic, ‘Coming Clean about Carpet’.

Click on the image on the right to take a closer look at the infographic.

The infographic provides data such as how often customers get their carpets cleaned, their ages, and what they want to pay on average for a carpet clean.

Even though the data comes from the US market, it’s still a handy tool for Australian & New Zealand carpet cleaners to use to help get a better idea of their customer’s buying patterns.