WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist Technician Course

Course Summary

This course is designed especially for those who want to learn more about wool and its special cleaning characteristics and how to put this new understanding into practice to target the discerning customers who choose the warmth, beauty and feel that only wool can provide.


It is meant for the technician who has many years of experience or have completed prior training in carpet cleaning and is designed to build on their experience, knowledge and skills.

Topics covered:

Production and treatment of wool, its strengths and weaknesses and the many processes it undergoes to produce the many variety of styles colours and textures of carpet. We then move on to wool’s performance characteristics and how it handles soils so that technicians can better understand the cleaning processes

Chemistry to give the learners a better understanding of how detergents work and the importance of detergent choice to ensure great results without the harmful effects that can cause both short and long term damage that could otherwise limit the long term benefits of wool carpet.

WoolSafe testing program and how this makes the choices easy for the cleaner who wants the very best outcomes for their customers. In this session we will carry out some experiments to demonstrate some of the many facets of pH and buffering to help the learners understand why choice of detergent is so important.

Dealing with some challenging technical cleaning issues and help provide some solutions

Learning Outcomes


Photos from the course

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