Contents Restoration – Is this a path you want to go down?

Fireline Systems

The profit margins associated with contents can be much higher than many other areas of restoration but most restorers find it difficult to attain them. The reality is, the contents divisions of most restoration companies are broken and in need of repair. In fact many companies would prefer not to do contents at all, but are married to the belief that offering contents services  increases their chances of securing the more lucrative opportunities of the loss.

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Are you Mr. Ego or are you Dr. ProblemSolver?

Barry O’Connell’s RugLover Tour

In the world of Rug Washing it is amazing by the number of people who are stumbling over their own egos so badly that they are making it difficult for people to give them money. No matter what you think your job is your real job is to make people want to give you money. You get that part right and everything else falls into place
What do you say when you get the dreaded “How Much to Clean My Rug” call from a first time caller? Now keep in mind that Rug Cleaning is far smaller and more specialized then Carpet Cleaning so very rarely is price the real issue. Let us layout the situation:

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Five tips for working with clients who are hoarders

Hoarding affects some 500 thousand to one-million people in Australia, according theChildren of Hoarders organisation. If it seems more prevalent now than ever before, you can nod to the myriad of reality shows about hoarding or the media headlines for creating awareness; but truthfully, hoarding is a shame-based disorder that has, until fairly recently, been swept under the proverbial rug. This year that rug has been lifted and sent to the dry cleaners.  In early 2013 Australia officially recognized compulsive hoarding as a mental disorder.

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