Can you fix a carpet that has burns in it?

Of course you can!

Generally speaking you can fix any type of damage to carpet. The key consideration you need to take into account is whether it is worth fixing it or not. You need to keep the following question in mind:

What’s the cost of repair versus the cost of replacement?

So if you are dealing with a small cigarette burn in your living room it is cheaper to repair. But if you have fire damaged carpet throughout your whole house, obviously it is more cost effective to replace the whole lot.

There are a couple of smaller burns that are easy and cost-effective to repair which you will commonly come across on the job.

 Cigarette Burns

Even though there are less people smoking indoors these days, cigarette burns on carpet are still very common.Generally the area of damage caused by these burns is very small.cigarette-burn-on-carpet

The best way to repair these burns is to find some excess carpet in the house (either at the back of a wardrobe or from a floor mat made of the same carpet) where you can pull the repair material from.

The main issue with this method of repair is that the barely used carpet that you pull will not have much damage from traffic, where as the area of carpet where the burn has occured will more likely than not be a high-traffic area. This means that the look of the repaired section may not match the area exactly, but this difference will not be noticible.

Will you be able to notice the repair work? If you looked at it closely with a magnifying glass, yes. If you glanced at the carpet as you were walking in the door, no.

 Iron Burns

The other type of burn that technicians frequently come across are iron burns, either from steamer irons or hair-straighteners.iron-burn

Obviously these burns will be larger than those caused by cigarettes, so the ease and ability with which you can rectify the problem will depend on the kind of carpet you’re dealing with. If it is a patterned or woven carpet it will be more difficult to repair, and depending on the damage there is the potential that it won’t be possible to repair at all.

These burns can be dealt with the same way you deal with cigarette burns (by replacing the area with excess carpet pulled from other areas of the house). The main problem that you will come across dealing with iron burns is repairing the issue without leaving any trace that you’ve been there; the larger the area of the burn, the more dificutl it is to hide the damage.

Should I add these services to my business?

While you won’t be able to make these services the core focus of your business, they are excellent add-on services.img_0443

This is particularly the case if your target market is the property management/rental market. Think of all the tenants who run around frantically the week before their lease ends trying to repair all the minor damage that was caused during their lease. These clients need to get the property looking the same way it did before the moved in. Carpet repair services (as well as carpet cleaning and stain removal) are great for that market.

Want to gain the skills to repair carpet burns? Attend a IICRC Carpet Repair & Reinstallation course to find out how.