Jena Dyco is very proud to be an IICRC school, approved to deliver a variety of programs which are recognised by the IICRC.

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What is the IICRC?

IICRC is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC has two main aims:

  1. Set industry standards
  2. Certify technicians and firms after attending IICRC certified programs

IICRC is an international body and has worked extremely hard to gain recognition of its certifications and standards. It is a great benefit to your business to gain IICRC certifications and let your customers know that you are a professional carpet cleaning business or restoration business.

The IICRC write industry standards which are  approved by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). The standards include:

Certification is attained by successfully completing educational courses and examinations.The IICRC owns no schools, employs no instructors and produces no training materials. Instead, it approves schools and instructors meeting specific criteria established by the IICRC Certification Council.

Once Individuals have attended and IICRC approved course and successfully completed and passed a comprehensive examination, they become IICRC Certified Technicians in the category that course represents.

Can I use the IICRC logo once I complete a course?

Once you have passed an exam you become a Certified Technician in that category. You can not use the logo however you can write in your marketing materials that you are a Certified Technician.

To use the IICRC trademark you must become a Certified Firm. There are a few requirements that need to be satisfied in order to be a certified firm. Once you become an IICRC Certified Firm you gain benefits, including:

  • Use of the IICRC trademark
  • Listing on the IICRC website
  • Access to a restricted area of the IICRC website with useful articles and information you can use to market your business
  • and many more

Do I need to do anything to keep up my registration?

After you attend a course and pass your IICRC exam you will become a registrant of IICRC. You will need to renew with registration on an annual basis.

You also need to show the IICRC that you are regularly updating your skills and knowledge and keeping up to date with industry trends.

This program is called Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and registrants are expected to gain a certain number of credits in a particular time frame,  which will depend on the certifications that you hold. Each year when you receive your renewal, there will be information on the form about the number of credits you still need to gain. You can gain Continuing Education Credits through many of the programs offered by Jena Dyco, including:

  • Attending a course
  • Attending a seminar or a conference
  • Attending SCRIA meetings

For more information about the IICRC please contact the IICRC Oceania office:

Ph: 1300 307 751
Email: info@iicrc.org.au
Website: www.iicrc.org.au