5 more tips for a carpet cleaning business to get more out of facebook

From our last blog on facebook and the feedback we got it is obviously that many companies are struggling with the concept of using facebook for their carpet cleaning business. We have gone through some of the basics in the last blog on this subject. Now getting into more details:

1. Let people know what you are doing

Customers and friends of your company want to know what you are doing. Keep them informed. Post photos and comments about jobs that you are currently doing.

2. Develop a reward program for your customers to interact with you on facebook

You don’t want to feel like you are bribing your customers, but you want to give your customers incentives. This could be as simple as a bottle of stain remover, movie ticket, a voucher for services with you or larger like a night at a hotel.

3. Tell everyone that you are on facebook

People don’t suddenly start searching for you on facebook. Mention to every single customer you come across that you are on facebook. Remember that some will come to your page and others won’t. For the ones who do come to your carpet cleaning business facebook page – what impression do you want them to get of your business? Use this to help you think about what you post on the page.

4. What time of day are you posting on facebook?

Think about the time of day your customers are most likely going to be looking at facebook. For most people it is early in the morning and then in the evening. Can you put your posts up at those times so that you get the most exposure in news feeds. Think about your customers and when they would be on facebook.

5. Customise your facebook page

Customise your facebook page so that when your customers visit the page it reflects your branding. This will make you look a lot more professionals and will also give you an opportunity to create links to your website. Jena Dyco have used a company called Eddy Borg Freelance Web Design who is sensational!

A few good examples of carpet cleaning businesses who use facebook really well are:

TDP Property Solutions

All Aces Services

Atlas Chemdry

Check them out and see if you can get any idea. There will be another facebook tips blog coming out soon.